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Get Paid for Your Junk!

Call 610-213-5194

Our Vision

Wouldn't it be great to clean out your house, basement or garage AND get paid for it? We think so! We are here to help make that happen. Auction Box Junk Removal is an innovative idea that can help you turn your unwanted clutter into cash! 

Instead of renting a dumpster and just trashing your belongings, give Auction Box Junk Removal a call. We can also sell useable items and get you some extra cash!

How It Works

Auction Box Junk Removal will drop off a 20ft Land/Sea Container box to your location. You fill it with your unwanted items. We pick up the box and haul it away. 

We sell the "good stuff" and dispose of the rest. Then we send you a check!

If you have any questions about the process, please give us a call

610-213-5194 - Curt Wilson AU002827-L

Our Services

Auction Box $500.00

  • Box size 45 cubic yards
    (20ft land sea container)

  • includes 1 ton trash & 1 week on site

Auction service

  • All customers transfer clear title to Auction Box Junk

  • Auction yield = 70% referral fee paid to the customer

  • Auction yield - $500 auction box = net proceeds

Storage Box

  • $25 per additional week

Extra Trash

  • $150 per additional ton -- limit 5 tons

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